ATEC Statement Concerning GAO ITEP Findings

May 30, 2019

(Washington, DC) – The following is the statement of Advanced Turbine Engine Company (ATEC) President Craig Madden following GAO’s denial of the company’s ITEP protest:

We appreciate the thorough review of our protest as conducted by the Government Accountability Office. We are disappointed in the outcome and are currently reviewing the decision in detail.

The GAO findings notwithstanding, a procurement this crucial should never be made based on paper proposals. Indeed, it is customary for the Pentagon to thoroughly test competing engines before making a final down select. Testing provides clear, unequivocal evidence of engine capabilities that cannot be obtained through a proposal.  Therefore, we have recommended that Congress provide the funding to allow the Army to take both engines further into the Engineering and Manufacturing Development phase of the procurement before making a final selection.

As this next-generation engine will be powering Black Hawks and Apaches for the next 30-40 years and potentially will also be the power plant for the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft, the Army and Congress should ensure that the right decision is made for the warfighter. The best, lowest risk, and most cost-effective way to do that is to compare the engines on the test stand.

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