Cost Savings of the T900

July 5, 2017

As the nation celebrates its 241st birthday, we should note that the U.S. Army is hard at work in the field and on the home front planning for the future. The Advanced Turbine Engine Company’s (ATEC) T900 dual compressor engine for the Army’s vertical lift fleet of Black Hawk and Apache helicopters plans to be a major contributor to both those fronts.

The T900 dual compressor engine will provide 50% more power to the vertical lift fleet while using 25% less fuel. As an example, reporter Marcus Weisgerber wrote that with new, more fuel efficient engines, “The stealth Blackhawk helicopters that flew the elite members of Seal Team 6 on the mission that killed Osama bin Laden might not have had to make a refueling stop on the way back to their Afghan base if those helicopters had more powerful engines.”

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