T900 Meets Aviation Modernization Needs

August 28, 2017

Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley commented on the need for aviation modernization earlier this year.

“Aviation is very vulnerable against a near-peer, high-end threat,” he said. “It’s one thing to fight guerrillas and terrorists where you have almost exclusive freedom of the air, but it’s another thing to fight some near-peer, higher-end threat. So protection of our aviation is a big deal, and we have a variety of creative initiatives going on to protect rotary-wing aviation, extend their range with engine improvements etc.”

ATEC’s T900 fits with this vision more than any other alternative engine, whether the current model or another single-spool design. The dual-spool architecture of the T900 allows it to run cooler, leading to less wear and tear, and its fuel savings will keep troops in the air longer. It has 10% more power growth capability than single-spool offerings, making it the better option to meet future mission requirements.

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