The T900 – Ensuring Mission Success

June 14, 2018

Every procurement for the U.S. military has one goal: ensuring mission success. Whether it’s food, fuel, firearms or larger platforms, the objective is to make America’s servicemembers more efficient and more lethal. Currently the U.S. Army is in the process of procuring the first major change in engines for its Black Hawk and Apache helicopter fleets.

ATEC’s T900 engine utilizes proven and state-of-the-art dual-spool architecture combined with an advanced control system that delivers increased performance and durability to Soldiers and aviators in modern, challenging environments.

The T900’s dual-spool architecture and technologies will provide up to 2.5x greater “time on wing” than the current engines in Black Hawks and Apaches. Other benefits of the T900 to pilots and their missions include:

  • a 50% increase in shaft horsepower over the T700, giving Apaches and Black Hawks the power they need to complete the complex and challenging missions of the future.
  • increasing the range of medevac missions by 75-100 miles.
  • enabling troops in combat to rely on Apache close combat support for up to an hour longer than today because of the T900 advantage.
  • allowing the Army to transport twice as many troops to the fight, to support them from the air longer, and to insert and exfiltrate them faster than the competition.

The T900 also brings that same aggressive efficiency from the depot to the Pentagon, as its fielding will lead to a 30% life-cycle cost reduction over the current engine and 50 million fewer gallons of fuel per year at fleet maturity.

The bottom line: the T900 will provide improved safety, longer service life, better performance, and enhanced capabilities for pilots, maintainers and commanders. All of these improvements will increase mission success. The ATEC advantage is real.

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